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US Patent # 8,729,408 B2 issued on May 20th 2014

Hide Away Trim is now available for patent licensing or purchase.

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My name is Dennis Pawlak and I am the inventor of Hide Away Trim, a new patented baseboard molding that can hide wires inside of the trim.
Unfortunately Hide Away Trim is currently unavailable for sale.
On May 20th of 2014 I was issued the patent for Hide Away Trim and am now ready to sell or license this new product.
Hide Away Trim is currently seeking offers for the purchase of the patent, possible partnership, or a licensing agreement. 
The market for an improvement on a product like this is enormous, that's not including the add ons like corners and crown molding.
I am trying to connect with manufacturers, investors, or anyone that is in a position to get a new product to market.
   This is a great opportunity (see valuation projections) considering the current status of Hide Away Trim
 and now owning the patent.   Contact me for more information. 
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 (you never know who could be friends with someone that would be interested). 
Watch the video below to understand what Hide Away Trim is and how it works.
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