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Unfortunately Hide Away Trim is currently unavailable.


Hide Away Trim is a unique baseboard molding that makes it easy to hide messy wires laying on the floor inside of the trim.  

The difference between Hide Away Trim and other wire hiding systems is the ability to easily insert and remove wires

 anywhere along the trim without having to make cuts in the molding.   

 If you change your room around simply remove the wires and reinsert them wherever needed.

Hide Away Trim comes in many different styles and colors to beautify any room in your home.   

Comes in standard White, Amati Oak, Light Walnut and 

Honey Maple for your living room, family room, office or den.   
Plus our textured Snake Skin, Alligator Skin and Ostrich styles for a 

unique addition to any game room, home theater or mancave.   

Hide Away Trim can also be used along the ceiling for surround sound wires. 

Standard Colors

Specialty  Styles


Hide Away Trim L.L.C.  St. Louis MO  
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